Rouge: Albums are supposed to be a therapy session

Rouge is taking music to the next level.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Rouge 

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we don't want Rouge to become the female Maggz

Rouge, who has put in a lot of work in the Hip-hop industry has more to offer and feels that her music should be more of something that is told through the good and bad.

In a recent interview with Afternoon Express the artist revealed that her album is about experiencing a therapy session to every who listens to it,

“I studied film and I felt’s time to bring music and film together somehow and I thought, one of the best ways to do that was why not shoot a movie… I want there to be a villain, I want there to be a hero, I want amazing actors…” Rouge said.

The rapper said she wanted consumers to be exposed to the artist and said that she has more to offer, she's more than just an actress, she has a lot of passion, and that's why she's offered more than just herself in her recent work.

“I felt like albums are supposed to be a therapy listen to it when you're happy, you listen to it when you're sad and my project was about me telling my stories."

Have you listened to Rouge's album? You should it's very therepeautic.

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