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It takes a lot to put together a song. But to get that something extra you always need to borrow from what has worked before.

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Pitch Blak Afro

The basic structure has always been: instrumental, lyrics and delivery. The crazy thing is though, as time has gone on, people have gone on to borrow one or all three of these things from some of their favourite songs. 

From hip-hop to house to R&B, all genres of music have taken to giving their songs that nostalgic extra bit. L-Tido’s done it, AKA’s done it (a lot!), DJ Cleo did it for Pitch Black Afro (and Zola too, now that you think about it).

Sometimes it’s a ‘bringing back memories’ thing and sometimes its paying homage to the original. Whatever the case, one can’t deny that these small bits always end up making a song good.  So, today, we’re looking at some SA songs, some very well-known some not so much, and the parts that were used to make them up.  

1.    Song: L-Tido Ft. AKA and Yanga – Thixo

Part ‘borrowed’: Lyrics/Hook

Song borrowed from: Thebe – Groover’s Prayer

L-Tido Thixo
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2.    Song: AKA Ft. K.O. and Yanga – Run Jozi

Part borrowed: Lyrics

Song borrowed from: TKZee – Shibobo (Tokollo’s first verse)

AKA, KO, Yanga
Video still

3.   Song: Zuluboy – Nomalanga

Part borrowed: Instrumental

Song borrowed from: Caiphus Semenya – Nomalanga

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4.   Song: Pitch Black Afro – A Day In My Life

Part borrowed: Instrumental

Song borrowed from: Marvin Gaye – My Love is Waiting

Pitch Blak Afro
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  6. Song: L-Tido – Imoto

Part borrowed: Instrumental

Song borrowed from: Stromae – Tous Les Memes

L-Tido Imoto
Video still

6.   Song: Dr. Malinga – O teng

Part borrowed: Lyrics/Hook

Song borrowed from: Stromae – Papaoutai

Dr. Malinga

Can you name other hits that ‘borrowed’ from another song? Share some of your favourites with us!

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