Mihlali On Rumours She 'Stole' Her 'Married' Boyfriend

"Men are not possessions!"

By  | Aug 11, 2022, 04:26 PM  | Mihlali Ndamase  | Relationships

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Mihlali Ndamase graced the cover of Nounouche for their first digital cover. The YouTuber spoke candidly about her career and held back a bit when it came to her relationship with Leeroy Sidambe.

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Mihlali's name has been trolled for being a man-stealer after rumours that her boyfriend Leeroy is married to Mary Jane Sidambe. Despite the fact that he still has a picture of him and his wife as his Instagram profile picture, it is rumoured that their divorce is not finalised yet.

Speaking to the publication, Mihlali encouraged women to not date because they are desperate, saying that could be dangerous.   

“Valuing relationships from a place of need is the most dangerous approach to have,” she told the publication.

“Don’t look for a partner who you need to fill something in you. When it comes to navigating that, I am very big on only looking for happiness with the person I am with and once that becomes toxic and full of insecurities, I leave.”

Mihlali then said she will only speak openly about her relationships when she is married.

But she did admit that she is madly in love with her man, “I am crazy in love.”

The beauty influencer said she only posted publicly because Leeroy posted first. “The timing to post each other was not right. He posted and I reposted his story. People will always have their opinions, it doesn’t affect me. I am a firm believer in living my life the way I do. I also understand the responsibility I have as a public figure so I am conscious about it.”

Speaking on the title she is given of being a man snatcher, Mihlali said men are not possessions. 

“Another important thing is that men are not possessions, you don’t just take and run with it. People are responsible for themselves. We make it seem like these men cannot think for themselves and in that regard, we never hold them to the same standards we hold women.”

Leeroy once denied paying lobola to Mihlali after pictures of his housewarming went viral. They wore matching outfits to make it look as though there were negotiations or they were getting married.

"My friend as much as you always wish well for me, for the record it was never a wedding, lobola or home warming party or anything to do with my relationship with Mihlali. It was just umsebenzi wam enguwenza every year in memory of my mother who passed on."

Leeroy's wife's friend Tumi went on a rant on Instagram stories, slamming both Mihlali and Leeroy 

“I’m so tired of people watching this from a social media lens without knowing the truth. Also, what’s shocking? Going through his old matches with MJ and the doll matched this orange number. I could never want someone’s life so bad.” 

“The only thing that’s about to piss me off is how they are going to post my friend’s kids without her consent as one big happy family that’s gonna piss me off. My friend’s kids being posted for social media scores,” she wrote.  

“They will know where their bread is buttered. They have no choice but to participate...They did the same thing with Mohale. Corroboration on sordid stuff is their thing,” she wrote. 

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