Muvhango's Nomarashiya reflects on her teenage pregnancy & how acting was not the initial plan

Sana Mchunu aka Nomarashiya has made a lot of bad decisions in her life, but thankfully all of them have led her to her to this moment.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Sana Mchunu 

Muvhang's nomarusshiya

Sana Mchunu speaks about her teenage pregnancy and how not listening to her parents ended up costing her a lot in life.

With a commendable acting experience that has seen Sana Mchunu appear on numerous drama series such as It's Complicated, Isibaya and Muvhango to name a few, one would mistaken Sana to have lived a smooth life when comparing it to how successful her career has been in the past couple of years.

But if you've ever had the opportunity to sit down with Sana you would come to realise that her life before big her big break in the entertainment industry was not a stroll in the park.

In her interview with Move Magazine, Sana revealed how her decision to not listen to her parents and doing as she pleased led to her first pregnancy at the age of 14.

Sana Mchunu

"By the age of 19, I already had two children. My parents tried so hard to show me the right path, but I was young and naive." She told the publication.

And even though by the age of 19 she had two kids, Sana's parents were still supportive and encouraged her to continue with her schooling, unfortunately, a few months down the line, Sana fell pregnant again with her third child.

Regardless of having three children at the age of 19, her parents were determined for their daughter to go back to school and finish her studies.

Sana explained that she did not want to return to school as that meant she would be in the same grade as her younger sister. Filled with embarrassment, Sana never returned to school and didn't get to finish her matric.

But Sana is far from the life she used to live and attributes her first taste of the acting industry to her friend Winnie Khumalo.


Sana explained that she was actually accompanying Winnie Khumalo to an audition when she then found herself in the audition room impressing the directors of her first ever audition and the rest as they would say is history.

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