#Scandal: Will Chichi Pull The Trigger?

Will this be the end of Mthunzi?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

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Last night's episode of etv's Scandal! was filled with all sorts of drama and suspense. Especially towards the end, as many watched in bated breath hence Chichi fixatedly pointed a gun at the devious Mthunzi.

Loyal viewer's of Scandal! would agree that Mthunzi's storyline has been dragging since around June/July last year. Therefore tonight's episode could finally trigger the trajectory of this much followed storyline in the world of television currently.

Chichi is a woman on a mission. Just like many other people that have doubled crossed Mthunzi, Chichi has had unfortunate runnings with this chap, as she counts him as one of her exes. Various people have attempted to avenge themselves against Mthunzi but he always seems to outsmart his detractors. And now the ball is in Chichi's court as this could be the end for the most hated villain in television.

Recently, there has been some really juicy and shocking information regarding Mthunzi and the Langa family. It has come to light that it was in fact Chichi that killed the patriarch of the Langa family - Siseko. Which changes the whole plot as the arrows are now being pointed in Boniswa's direction, as she recently revealed to her children Xolile and Chumani that she was actually the one that had Mthunzi's father killed.

Alot could easily justify Mthunzi's devious actions hence he has been the most in his life especially the death of his father. He's probably going to lose his marbles after finding out that it was, indeed Boniswa who was the primary catalyst behind his father's death back then in the apartheid era.

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