Lipstick Colours To Try

Seal your face beat with a great lip!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

Not that you need another excuse to buy makeup, but we can’t help but share this. A lipstick can make or break you beat. So it's important to have one for every occasion. Here are some lipstick colours we should all have on deck for when the face beat calls:

Send Nudes
A nude lipstick is perfect for those no-makeup makeup looks. They are meant to create the illusion that we are all barefaced beauties. Lerato Kganyago always has a good nude on when running errands or grabbing some lunch. Just make sure that you choose one that best compliments your kin tone, look in the liquid lipstick colours section or else you'll be walking around looking dehydrated.
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Pinky Pinky
The whole black barbie aesthetic has been back trending on instagram for a while. Stars like DJ Zinhle have also jumped on the trend. To pull it off, you'l need a hot pink lipstick, to match Barbie's favourite colour. This lipstick is also good for youthful fun summery looks so you can be a Barbie all the time.
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Red Rush
A red lipstick is a basic staple for everyone. There's no such thing as your lips being too big for a bold red lip. Be smart like Bonnie Mbuli and always keep one on hand. Those days when you're out running errands looking crusty but you run into someone who can't see you looking tired? Boom. Red lipstick with some stylish shades and you're selfie ready.
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Blue Boo
You'd be surprised how useful a blue lipstick is hey. Whenever you just want to stand out from the crowd or take dope instagram photos like Nomuzi then this is what you need. Look for flattering shades of either blue or green to best compliment your skin tone. These are especially photogenic in matte lipstick colours.

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