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By  | Jan 04, 2021, 09:44 AM 

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Simphiwe Ngema and Tino Chinyani have been hsarassed by trolls ever since they went public with their relationship. However it seems the two do not give two hoots about what people have say.

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Simphiwe recently posted a video of her and Tino cuddling and gushed about how he love her unconditionally. 

"It’s not that love doesn’t exist. Most of us have been hurt so much that we’ve stopped believing. Grateful to have someone that loves me for me."

While this was sweet and all, the second part of the caption had us on the floor! 

Side note: Posta girl! Makumosheka uzothola omunye bese naye uyamPosta. 😂kusemhlabeni la. #philangenkani

The actress says she will keep posting Tino as long as they are together and if they happen to break up she will not hesitate to post the next boyfriend, because we are on earth we should live according to our on rules.

So ladies: Posta girl!

Jokes aside these two are madly in love and their recent steamy video, courtesy of Tino's production company, shows just that.

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The couple was recently out and about spending some quality time together at a spa, blowing off some steam and bonding. The video shows the couple walking side by side into the reception area of the spa, which is not named. They then got into their white gowns for their massage sessions.

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This got them their much-needed relaxation as they had to deal with bitter social media bullies since they announced that they are pregnant with their first child, a baby boy to be specific.

The spa session was followed by some intimate time in the dreamy pool. The couple got carried away and got into some kissing and cuddling over some wine and bubbly and for a sec we wanted a relationship too. As usually, the muscle man showed off his great built while we watched with envy.

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Since going public about their love, the two have been the couple to look out for as they could re-defining what love actually means.

When Simz first announced that she was pregnant with her first child, she received mixed reactions from the public. While most of her fans were happy for her, some struggled to come to terms with the fact that she's moved on and found happiness since her husband passed a few years back. 

The star, however, has not let the negativity get the better of her or her love for Tino as she continues to show off their love through social media. Tino is also unfazed by the reaction from the public as he continues to love his best life every day and preach about love. 

Some trolls on social media have attacked Tino for dating Simz because her husband passed on a few years back. He's, however, chosen to be the bigger man by ignoring them and instead focus his energies on her mother-to-be girlfriend.

"On this day I pray the Lord grants you ALL your hearts desires, may he add on countless years to your life, so you may be a light to the rest of the World. My heart in human form. I love you & Happy Birthday. P.S : I hope you packed a bag, our paradise awaits."

That was the heartfelt message he dedicated to Simz on her birthday. Talk about being girlfriend goals.

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Picture Credit: Tino Instagram
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