Sizwe Dhlomo Has Had Enough

Its about time!

By  | Nov 10, 2021, 09:31 AM 

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Acclaimed TV and radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo has taken to social media to demonstrate that he has just had enough with the load shedding issue going on in South Africa. The presenter who has on several occasions not shied away from commenting and addressing issues that affect South Africans has tweeps backing his stance with all of them saying that something needs to be done about the current situation.

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Just recently, Sizwe hosted his very first Twitter space as a means to inform his followers on matters of energy transition and climate change and so far the feedback has been encouraging. Followers and tweeps are saying that it was great of Sizwe to bring such issues into the light with many requesting that Sizwe does more of the same on other crucial discussions as well.

Previously, before hosting the space, Sizwe took to his Twitter to rant about how annoyed he was at the load shedding issue and even had a tweep suggest that they do a space together on the topic. Initially, he declined to host the space but seems that he just had to address the conversation head on and tweeps are more than happy he did.   

The space which was titled “Africa Being Forced To Abandon Fossil Fuel '' caught the attention of many and already, Sizwe’s timeline is filled with messages of gratitude and other engagements as far as the conversation is concerned.

Not so long ago, Sizwe started off as a presenter for Kaya FM where he hosts the afternoon drive show, Home of The Afropolitan. The news, which put him at the top of his game in the industry, saw many of his fans applaud him and look forward to listening to him talk on current affairs and other issues of interest.

In response to the fans’ excitement, Sizwe said, “I don’t want to get too soppy or sentimental but the love you’ve shown me over the last 15 years, doing something that I honestly never thought I’d be doing for a living is really amazing & appreciated. I feel it, I see it. Thank you.” 

It is no surprise to see Sizwe make headlines every now and then. Countless times, fans have gaped and awed at his wealth and property making him one of South Africa's wealthiest celebrities. Take for example the lucrative piece of land that he just acquired recently. Surely Sizwe is definitely all about getting the bag and at this rate, there is no telling how much he will be earning in the years to come.

Other than that, however, this year has also seen Sizwe make headlines for not-so-good reasons. He recently got into an altercation with a tweep online and after much bashing from tweeps and followers, Sizwe shocked many when he apologized for his tweets, hopefully getting back on everyone's good graces.

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