Sizwe Dhlomo's Vaccine Comment Causes A Stir

Tweeps are not happy

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TV and radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo left fans livid after his vaccine comment on Twitter.
Sizwe is one of the celebrities who have been vocal about the importance of vaccinating, however this time around, he left fans feeling undermined.

His tweet implied that people are not vaccinating because they are being told in English instead of their home language.

"Maybe people are confused because we keep calling it a vaccine. Batsheleni ukuthi umgomo," his tweet read.

Tweeps did not take kindly to Sizwe's statement and they took to the comments section to call him out.

Thanda told Sizwe to let people make their own decisions without trying to influence them.
"Why it's so difficult for you to take that jab and keep your mouth shut???? We have different choices in life, one is not to vaccinate."

Another fan also responded: "I remember growing up, kids from the rich families always thought they were smarter than every other kids... ! My big brother here is the typical example of those kids."
DJ Tira has also been actively encouraging fans to go and vaccinate. However, tweeps are convinced that he is getting paid to influence people to go get their vaccine jabs.

Today he took to Twitter to respond to the backlash. He even promised that he would pay anyone who can prove that he is a vaccine influencer.

He tweeted: "If anyone can bring proof that I got paid for tweeting about the vaccine I will pay you R10, 000 plus all the money you say got as this is a "paid promo". Sometimes in life you must just do what you think is right and forget about the noise."
Other celebrities including Kelly Khumalo, Rami Chuene, Terry Pheto, and many others, have also been vocal on social media about vaccinating.

Opening up about her experience, actress Rami Chuene said she almost died.

She tweeted: "Long story short: I almost died. I had all the symptoms, losing my mind, calling @dr_lovelee at 1 am."

She said the first for 4-5 days were very hard for her, “Then it got better. 26 days later I still have some symptoms, numbness in my arm, fatigue, headache, etc. Please,

The actress also made it clear that she was not discouraging anyone from getting a jab, "Please, I’m not discouraging anyone to vaccinate. I know that had I got Covid-19, I wouldn’t have survived. No ways,”  she concluded.
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