Meet the girl who laughs on Sjava's Ngempela song

She's definitely the envy of many women

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Sjava 


Ever since Sjava and DJ Maphorisa released their hit single "Ngempela" Sjava has become a favourite when it comes to the ladies.

The love song which went on high rotation on many radio stations and on television has been loved by many people, especially the ladies.

In the first verse, a few minutes into the song we hear a lady laughing in the track before Sjava says "Wang'buka wahleka, yin' awung'believe?"

It's quite a cute laugh might we add and we were quite surprised to find out that the laugh was actually from one of Sjava's most loyal fans, a lady who goes by the name of Furleey.


Sjava once confirmed that during JR's Feel Good Sessions. 

The artist mentioned how much he appreciates and checks out all of his fans who show him love on social media and that Furleey's appreciation for him caught his attention that he even decided to invite her to one of his studio sessions and tricked her to laugh on that Ngempela track. 

Although we've known about the story of how the laugh came about, we had not yet met Furleey and now we can finally associate the face that came with that cute laugh.

We think it's safe to say that Furleey is probably Sjava's number one female fan.


Sjava recently posted a birthday gift he supposedly received from Furleey, a magical black cup that changes color when hot water is poured into it.

Hmm...must be nice to be Sjava. 

He even thanked her for making that laugh on the track. When have your favourites?


Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Sjava_atm