Slikour Bags Massive Channel O Deal

It all started 7 years ago

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Slikour 

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2020 is proving to be 20plenty for Slikour who has signed a lucrative TV deal with Channel O.

The rapper and media mogul, whose real name is Siya Metane, has made major moves with the entertainment broadcast channel as his SlikourOnLife flagship shows will now be airing on the channel.

If you're an avid follower of SlikourOnLife (which is an Urban publication catering for music fans) then surely you are familiar with the shows Rhyme & Reason, Balcony InterviewSpeedsta In Da Park and Catching Waves - well these shows will be airing on Channel 320, starting with 'Catching Waves' on Thursday 9th January at 7pm.

This feat is somewhat sentimental for Slikour who, when making the announcement, explained that although he had big dreams for his platform, he was labelled 'unpredictable' by those who did not see the vision. He also touched on the shortcomings he has faced in the industry; which includes having his music banned.

He wrote: "I really started this with my handheld phone 7 years ago not knowing where SlikourOnLife would go. Back then TV said im unpredictable,my music was banned at one stage, my honesty got me blackballed. Thanks to the teams that got this together, the custodians of the shows for trusting us and for @channelotv giving our flagship shows a look..."
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Congratulations Slikour! THIS is the content we signed up for!

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