Slikour is dropping a new single this week!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Slikour 

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It's a beautiful day today; the sun is shining (In Joburg at least, sorry if it's not shining in your town!) and we're very sure that there's a good week about to unfold. We might be wrong, there could be a lot of work on our hands, a lot of dodgy celebs bashing our articles and we could find out that the Tribe One Festival is cancelled (Jokes, it isn't cancelled!). Two things that will guarantee that this week is ultimately a good week are: 

1. It's Payday on Friday. You can't mess around with that right now! 

2. Local rapper, Slikour, will be releasing a single for the first time in what seems like ages! 

We want to give you more information on the single, but we'd rather keep you in suspsense for a little longer. In the mean time, have a look at what Slikour uploaded on his personal Instagram account yesterday. It's about to get exciting, make sure you keep an eye on the site every day this week for more details!

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