Soapie Sum Up: Zungus taking over Isibaya

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM 

As a  firm favorite on South African televisions,  Isibaya is ramping up the excitement as every week is better than the last. In the last week we have seen the Zungu family make their mark while taking shots at the Ndlovu family with the help of Sibusiso Ndlovu (The prodigal son betraying his own family? Oh dear)
In this week's episode Sibusiso and his father saw their relationship take a rough turn after Ndlovu senior chased Sibusiso out of his yard after accusing him of betraying the family by helping the enemy- the Zungu family.
Sibusiso has now returned to the Zungu family in Johannesburg with the intention of helping them take down his father.  We saw Sibusiso, together with the Assassin hired by the Zungu family, going to the yard of the Ndlovu family and stealing 38 taxis.
Meanwhile, Thandeka (Who is played by the gorgeous Nomzamo Mbatha) has been looking after her father in the hospital. Mphiyakhe assumed that Thandeka had been dating a sugar daddy  after overhearing a conversation between Jabu and Iris. Mkhabayi  cleared the air by informing them of the fuller picture. 
With so much riveting action and drama on the show, Isibaya fans can’t stop talking about their favorite show- even more so on social networks. Twitter was abuzz this morning as fans were recounting the events of yesterday's episode. 

What do you think will happen on Isibaya next week? Let us know in the comments section below!

(Image Credit: Mzansi Magic)