Somizi Exposes The Celebrity Life

"Some of us pretend better"

By  | Jul 07, 2021, 07:30 PM 

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South African television and radio personality Somizi took to IG TV to share some words of wisdom as usual but this time around it hit home for most people. The Metro FM DJ began by counting all his blessings.

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“Good Morning. I am definitely sure someone wants to hear this or needs to hear this. I woke up this morning and I’m like – I’m grateful I’ve got a roof over my head. I’ve got food and most importantly I’ve got my health.” Said Som63.

“I sometimes also remember days when I wake up and I wish I never woke up. That is when you know that you either depressed or you are going through a lot of things and you wish you want to throw in the towel. And that is when again I am grateful for the spirit that I have. That 10 percent of that positive mindset is very important.”

Aiming his message at those struggling with mental health, he reminded his followers that it’s not the alone – even celebrities go through the most. They are just good at hiding it. He also warned those watching not to compare themselves with others.

“And I am sending this message to everyone that goes through that message. But what sets you apart from people who are in turmoil more than they should it’s that you are honest about what you are going through. Your pride and your ego do not get in the way of you sharing it with other people that you trust.” He continued.

“Problems start when you are going through something and you think you are going through it alone based on what you see. Social media has killed a lot of people’s spirits because there is 99% fakeness.

You see your favourite people or celebrities always glamorous and you want to compare yourself and wish you were them. Some of us pretend better. Don’t do that to yourself. I’m speaking to you – you see sadness, anxiety and depression has nothing to do with wealth. We all go through the same things the same way. The only different thing is our statuses. Emotionally and spiritually we are the same. That is the beauty of God.”

Mhlongo further added that it is all the devil’s doing and likened to challenges of life to a trip a plane takes. From the takeoff up until it gets to its destination.

"Green stands for health, green stands for purity, green stands for abundance. And the devil does not want you to get there. It is never you that wants to give up. It is the devil convincing you. And let me tell you again. Don’t be fooled into thinking that people that high up there are having a soft life. It is actually even tougher to maintain. I always make an example of a plane. The most difficult part of a plane’s journey is the takeoff. It struggles but it keeps on going as high as it can. The most difficult again is staying on top. Imagine carrying so much load. That is you carrying load it can’t offload people there. It has to stay up with them and the luggage."

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