Spring is No Time for Leather

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM 

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It's the Blue Chip Cool Kid, Kabelo Moremi,  coming back to us once again with yet another public service announcement with regards to street wear, style, and fashion.  This time around he begs us to slow down with the leather attire that many have been donning in the urban areas in recent times. Leather seems to be making a come back in the form of leather pants, vests and even leather jogging pants- Kabelo isn't too impressed!

"A lot of people may want to shoot the 'Blue Chip Cool Kid' on this subject but the truth is, for the past year or so, we've seen street wear being vulgarized by leather.  Honestly I have no qualms with leather, but I can only take it in small doses.

I do understand that there are leather purists (I’m team denim by the way). I’m sure they are also ticked off at how leather has been turned into a fad.  Even if it is a fad, can it at least make sense contextually? Leather apparel makes sense if you are a biker or dealing with bad weather. However, we are in Africa. Do not act like you aren’t sweating in that leather T-shirt!

Also looking at it from a designing perspective, we all know that En Noir pioneered the full on leather street wear. Ever since they came out we see all the knock offs of their designs.  The worst part of it is that, most of the labels that ‘borrow’ their designs don’t even use proper leather. It’s just cheap shiny hot (temperature wise) material. As a designer one needs to be more creative and stop making cheap knock offs.

Finally, IT IS SPRING for Pete’s sake. Spring is the season for bright colors, flamboyance, and creativity. Summer then takes over and it's all about keeping cool while looking good. I'll re-iterate- its way too hot for leather.  Winter is a few months away, keep your leather pants tucked away until then please.


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