Stars that left the entertainment industry for normal jobs

Believe it or not, there are celebrities that leave theentertainment industry for normal jobs

By  | Nov 12, 2020, 09:37 AM 

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We often think that being a celebrity is the pinnacle in life but these celebrities show us that it does not have to end there, there are other opportunities to make a success of yourself.

Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities that have left the entertainment industry for normal jobs.

Musa Mthobeni

Musa Mthombeni is one of our favorite former child stars, he is a qualified Doctor and his journey has been inspiring.

Noni  Gasa

The former TV presenter & model left the entertainment industry to pursue a career in Fashion; she now works for a retail store in the Public Relations department. 

Selae Thobokgale

After her stint on YOTV, this former child star is a Businesswoman with her own media company.

Dini Nondumo

He was famous for his role on Generations, this former actor is now a corporate Managing Director .

Main image credit: Instagram/Selae_t

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