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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Sthembiso "SK" Khoza 

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You’ve seen him do his thing on Channel O’s Mzansi Rides, occasionally pops up here and there on numerous Vuzu Entertainment episodes and now Sthembiso ‘SK’ Khoza features as our ZAlebrity crush of the week, let’s sink our nails into this interview with SK shall we?
It’s only been 3 years since you burst onto the scene and we’ve seen you making major moves in the presenting world, as well as in television in general. Has it all sunk in yet for you?
Yea, it sunk in immediately for me when Channel O placed me on the platform to present an award for the first Channel O Africa Music Awards and  I think what made things sink in was the fact that the awards were live and not pre-recorded.  So I had to really bring in my A-game. I mean I was briefed before getting on stage and being told to not fall off the stage or to not twang made me realise that this isn’t a joke.  I’d also say that everything sinks in more yearly, especially when people call me by the show I’m presenting from Mzansi Rides to Goal Diggers so yea trust me it’s all sunk in and I’m loving every minute of it.
This week, at the Channel O AMV Awards nomination announcement, we saw you looking really dapper in a maroon suit. What will you be wearing at this year’s Channel O Awards and do you think you’ll top that look?
I might be wearing BEAST by Dineo Ranaka’s clothing line, Luv Dr. Seeing how well she did with my outfit yesterday and considering the fact that I requested she hook me up with something only last week I have great confidence that she’ll again do a great job for my Channel O Award outfit.  I’ve worn a lot of clothes from other established designers so it’s fitting for me to try something new and it’s time we give female designers the opportunity to show us that they can create clothes for guys just as well as their male counter-parts. Besides, I’d like to look different from the other gentlemen on the night because chances are they’ll be dressed by the same designer so I really want to take the new outfit route with Dineo.
Speaking about clothes, how is your ‘Zulu-Swag’ clothing line coming about?
My partner and I are still pushing Zulu-Swag obviously I’ve handed most of the business side of things to him because I’m hardly around seeing that he’s based in Durban and I’m here in Joburg but Zulu-Swag is doing very well in Durban.  We’ve got a shop now in Berea so our only mission now is to try to get a shop started up here in Joburg but as soon as we have the time we’ll start pushing the clothing line this side also.
You also made a funny comment about how your father was never happy about you entering into the entertainment industry, what’s his response now that you’re ‘THE MAN’? He’s very proud, he tells me almost every day now how proud I’ve made him.  Despite what he has thought about the industry I’ve now proved him wrong and it’s very rare for youngsters like us to show our parents that sometimes they can also be wrong when it comes to the career paths we want to take.  He looks forward to seeing everything that I do and he watches all my show’s so my father is very proud of me, it’s a great feeling.
Many might not be aware of this but you’re quite the Karate kid, can you still bust some lethal moves? Of course! I’m still very much involved in Karate but like I said time hasn’t really been on my side when it comes to other such activities in my life.  But I still attend tournaments and the last tournament I attended was actually earlier on this year so I’m still very much involved in it and I still teach kids when I go back home, I have a dojo that I attend hear which is close to my place.  I just don’t like to mention that I know karate because people tend to make stupid comments and then suddenly want to challenge you to a karate fight which is something I always try to avoid. [Laughs] So I prefer to keep it to myself but I owe a lot to that sport becauseit’s taught me so much when it comes to respect and discipline.
Talking about discipline when you were presenting Goal Diggerz which one of the soccer players had you so star struck that you literally had to compose yourself and not come across as an eager fan? Wow! Definitely Louis Saha and Alex Song interviewing both of those football players was one of my most favourite episodes of Goal Diggerz I really had to compose myself whilst interviewing them. I just had to be professional and remember that this is a job but when the cameras were off I did ask him for a jersey, what’s cool is that I even went out to have dinner with Alex Song and we were one of the first people he told that he’d be moving to play for Barcelona so that was really special for us.
How does SK handle all the attention he gets from the ladies and how difficult is it to stay humble about such attention? For me I’d put it this way, it’s always the people who never know how to handle the attention they get from women that makes them have an ego about it, I’ve always been the guy that girl’s get attracted to from primary to tertiary school it’s always been like that for me.   So the love I get from the ladies comes as no surprize to me but don’t get me wrong I appreciate it very much, girls come up to me in malls and tell me they have a crush on me or they really like either my voice or my physique I’m used to it and I humbly appreciate it I guess now that I’m in the public eye the attention is greater which is always great.  Thanks for the love ladies!



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