The strangest things you have searched for on ZAlebs

Naked pics, sex tapes, marital statuses and finger truths... You guys are curious about some interesting things. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM 

The strangest things you have searched for

We here at ZAlebs have access to tools that let us know what kinds of things you’re looking for so we can work on giving you the news you want but sometimes, your search requests are...uh… interesting.

Sometimes, it’s usually topical stuff and other times, it’s things from out of the blue which makes us wonder who you are and why you’d be looking for it. Check out some of the strangest and most interesting search terms we’ve ever seen

1. "Qaphela from Isibaya’s naked pics"

The first thing we said when we saw this was "heh banna!" We highly doubt that Abdul Khoza, who plays Qaphela Ngwenya on Isibaya, would have naked pictures just floating around on Google. Sorry (to whoever was looking for them). 

Abdul Khoza

2. "Boity’s naked pics"

We all know that Boity bared her booty for charity in Marie Claire's annual naked issue but other than that, we doubt you would get to see more than this from Boity is you aren't dating her. 

boity's booty marie claire

3. "Buhle Samuels bum"

We know Matshidiso's booty trended for quite some time and it gave birth to a product (called 'The Matshidiso') that sold out in Joburg on a daily basis but geez guys, how much more of Buhle's bum do you need to see?

Buhle Samuels

4. "Mkabayi’s Sex Tape"

This one trended for a week after a Twitter user leaked a sex tape featuring a woman who looked like the veteran actress. The story we wrote was our most read story for 5 days and some of you even asked us to send it to you, which we would never do. 

In addition to that counting as the distribution of pornography, it would just be in bad taste to share such a thing. 


5. "Boity’s sex tape"

Hayi guys, where did you even hear that such a thing exists? We can tell you now, save your data, there is no such thing on the Internet and you will spend you last 250MB looking for something you will never find. Rather use that data to browse ;)  

boity bikini

6. "Jessica Nkosi’s husband"

Unless you mean Vusi Kunene, who played her on-screen husband in Isibaya, we have no idea who you're looking for seeing as Jessica Nkosi is single (as in currently unmarried). 

Jessica Nkosi Vusi Kunene Isibaya

For now, our homegirl only has on-screen husbands


But the day she gets married in real life, you can count on us to be the first ones to tell you all about the lucky man.

7. "Lillian Dube is she married"

No, she is not married and the last time we checked, she has no plans of getting married but she is in love with someone who is slightly younger than she is. She is also not related to Desmond Dube.

Lillian and Desmond Dube

8. "Jack’s finger truth on generations"

Huh? were you trying to find out why he's always wearing a glove or...?

Vusi Kunene

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