Nasty C Almost Dragged By Nigerian Twitter

It was Nasty C versus Speedsta, not Speed Darlington.

By  | Sep 13, 2020, 11:30 AM 

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Nasty C was almost embroiled in a twar with Nigerian Twitter as the country was ready to defend their own over the alleged shade that Nasty C was throwing against a slow Speedy.

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Confused? Quick catch up; Nasty C and South African DJ and broadcaster, Speedsta got involved in a really lukewarm twar this past Friday. Speedsta caught feelings for Nasty C dragging him for filth for allegations that he made that Nasty C stole “his” song, “Bamm Bamm.” Since Nasty C corrected Speedsta about the song and Speedsta admitting he bent the story a little, the two have never been the same.

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So when the two rehashed their squabble on social media, with Speedsta bringing out one his caps by saying that Nasty C’s album is worse than Cassper’s album. Nasty C responded and dragged Speedsta on Twitter without using his follow name but referenced a “Speedy.” The problem with being an internationally recognized artist is that you have to choose your names properly or other people will catch feelings. This is what almost happened with Nasty C. 

The rapper had to take to Twitter to clarify that he did not mean his spicy tweet for Nigerian artist, Speed Darlington but Speedsta. His first tweet clarifying the matter about the spicy tweet went over most people’s heads as the rapper used ama-2000s slang, which sent many people into a spin. It took another 2000s to provide an explanation of the tweet in English for many to understand the gist.
Moreover, it seems that Nasty C also understood the confusion, as he returned to clarify his stance and categorically state that this is not bad blood with Nigeria.  The “Zulu Man With Some Power “ was actually impressed by the support that Nigerian showed Speed Darlington.
To prove there was no bad blood, Nasty C revealed that he had a conversation with Nigerian leading hip-hop artist, Yung Denzl and Obe for a podcast episode with DJ Whoo Kid. Yung Denl wanted to make sure that Nasty C does not receive any more hate from Nigerian,  so he responded to the post confirming that it is all love.

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