Nasty C Has The Last Word On Speedsta Twar

Guess, it’s not over until the Zulu Man sings?

By  | Sep 12, 2020, 01:05 PM  | Nasty C  | Drama

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Nasty C took his time coming up with a reply to Speedsta’s drag, but when he did, he came with a clap back that tweeps have stated they detect no lies in the tweet. Ouch!

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So a quick catch-up before we get into the story. Nasty C and Speedsta have a long history filled with Twitter subs and what many have suggested was a few caps from Speedsta’s shelf.

The feud actually started when Speedsta suggested that Nasty C “stole” his song when the real story was that Nasty gave Speedy a song that he eventually wanted back because it was not being used. Sppedsta caught feelings and that was when he bought the first “cap” and sold it as the truth in public. Since then the two have lived on road “ku-tense” and corner “ku-tricky.”

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So when Speedsta attempted to rehash the feud, possibly to trend before his appearance at what used to be the biggest music show on the land, Nasty C let it be known that he was not the one. Well, only until the former number 1 music show was over at least because Nasty C returned to the Twitter streets when many thought the twar was over to deliver two last tweets on the matter. He basically said that it is not over until the “Zulu Man With Some Power” sings, or raps.

The first tweet was a direct drag directed at Speedy, or following the tweet we should say “Slowly?” Nasty C echoed the comments of many tweeps with his drag by questioning why Speedsta has opted for a name derived from speed when his music career stays on the park. Many tweeps highlighted that the hip-hop DJ has not released a hit in four years and recent tracks have been lukewarm. Or he could be following Scoop Makhathini’s advice from the “Popcast” and giving the young one a chance before he comes with the fire.
The second tweet from Nasty C was suggesting that there was a difference between their tax brackets, despite Speedsta being slightly older. Nasty C referenced the tweet when Speedsta called him a little boy and reminded him that when it comes to acclaim and the bag he is clearly leading. Tweeps seemed to feel some kind of way with the tweet, which maybe Speedsta can use a clap back? 

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