Sway Still Calling Out For A-Reece!

Yoh A-Reece is lucky

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Sway Calloway 

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Imagine a Hip Hop authority such as American radio host,  Sway Calloway doing a follow up regarding an artist that he had been trying to get on his show. This rare and exciting move from Sway has some people wishing that this luck could befall them because it would definitely spark the trajectory of their career and street cred.

South African rapper, A-Reece must have lady luck on his side because Sway from the iconic and popular radio show in America, Sway In The Morning,  is still holding out for our homeboy. What is stunning about this opportunity is that there are quite a lot rappers who would kill for an opportunity of this magnitude.

A-Reece has been fairly silent regarding this important invitation from Sway, therefore not much is known about his thoughts on it. As an independent artist, this could serve as an important opportunity, especially if he plans on exploring and invading the American market.

Clearly Sway must be really interested in having A-Reece on his revered show because around last year,  he made the call for A-Reece to come through on the show.

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A-Reece's name came up again when SA's DJ PH was attending to his duties as a DJ on Sway Universe when Sway then stated that he's generally calling out for SA artists especially A-Reece as hadn't grabbed the opportunity as yet.

Sway in the morning is definitely an iconic radio show and some of our greatest hip hop rappers have graced the shores of that side of town. Many might have forgotten but DJ Ms Cosmo once had the opportunity to blaze things up on the show.

Who can forget how we watched and listened to Nasty C's freestyle on the show. The S.M.A hit maker even trended on Twitter thereafter. Also in the same batch is none other than AKA, who received a lot of thumbs up regarding his responses to the questions that Sway and his team had put to him.

Quite recently, the hip hop fraternity was left thoroughly entertained and proud when one of our best lyricist in SA, Stogie T. His freestyle received mostly positive reviews.

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