Yizo Yizo inspired Thabo Rametsi to act on television

Him being on TV was never part of the plan. It was all about the silver screen until he was introduced to Yizo Yizo.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Thabo Remetsi 

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The initial plan was to act on films only, but after watching several episodes of Yizo Yizo, Thabo Rametsi then decided to take up the challenge of doing television as well.

We first got introduced to Thabo Rametsi in the first season of Class Act, we then began seeing more of the talented actor in television shows like High Rollers, Hard Copy and even on American series, Homeland.

And as his name continues to be more familiar within South African households thanks to his amazing performance in the latest biopic of South African struggle hero, Solomon Mahlangu, we also begin to learn more and more of about the 28-year-old actor.

In a recent interview with Lerato Tshabalala on Touch Central, Thabo revealed that he's plan was not to act on television but to purely just do films.

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"I never wanted to do television, I had no interest in doing television, I just wanted to do films ever since I wanted to be an actor. I think the one show that changed that for me was Yizo Yizo, that's the greatest TV show ever and why that was critical is because, before HBO was doing all these shows that we think are so hardcore, Yizo Yizo was already doing that. 

So I want to start my own production company that creates shows like that, of a high level, shows that are very cinematic, that can attract movie stars. And that's what we need to change in this country we need more film stars, fewer soap stars but then we also need great drama series and that's what I've been producing right now and it will be coming soon to you guys."

Lerato put Thabiso on the spot and also asked him, how it was like kissing Pearl Thusi to which he replied that it was extremely awkward as he and Pearl are close friends.

"Me and Pearl are such close friends, we've worked together before, we've gotten along since the first day we met. It was like kissing your best friend but she's such a talented young lady and honestly one of the brightest stars this continent has. She really is an amazing person." 

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Thabo Rametsi

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