ZAlebs And Soviet Are Giving Away 2 Bottles Of New Fragrances

It's competition time, and don't say we did not plug you!

By  Soviet  | Oct 12, 2020, 02:12 PM

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It's giveaway time and we have the first bottle of Soviet Denim's new fragrance line to give away!

The prestigious brand which is known for having a collection of fashion-forward clothing, sneakers, and accessories, will soon launch a bottled fragrance called, Soviet Eau De Parfum. Soviet is ready to kick it up a notch, with the launch of a new fragrance product, which comes in fresh new packaging.

The new Soviet fragrance is proudly produced in South African and it comes in a stylish and sizzling packaging fit for a queen and a king. Trust us the bottles have landed in our hands, and we have put them to the test, the scent is breath-taking and we want you to try them out.
The fragrances include female and male products and we love the Rose fragrance, which is is a collaboration of rose champagne, peach flower, and queen wood ingredients. This sophisticated ladies' fragrance is perfect for day or night use. Bottled in 65ml, the romantic scent is packaged in gorgeous red packaging to complement the complete aesthetic of the fragrance.

They also have the L’amour’s top note made up of lychee, quince, and Kiwi, with jasmine, orchid, and white chocolate mid, finishing it off with musk, orris root, and woody note base. The soft pink packaging aesthetically complements this scent of love.

For males, the scent is fresh and muscular and we love the Wanted fragrance, which is a seductive, exciting, and fresh muscular scent for the gents and has a woody fragrance, with notes of tobacco and caviar. The marble inspired packaging adds a light and sophisticated aesthetic to the look of the fragrance.

The range also includes the Noir fragrance, which is a combined top note of pink pepper, mint, lemon, pineapple leaf, cardamom, kumquat, and mandarin orange. With mid notes of coriander, freesia, and nutmeg. This fresh masculine fragrance is package in a black bark packaging, which compliments this fragrance’s
exclusive and superstar scents.

There is nothing sweeter than having a signature scent, where you smell like heaven after a few spritzes of your favorite fragrance. A good fragrance compliments your looks and when you step outside smelling fresh you surely turns heads.

Imagine doing that in style by complimenting your clothing and kicks from the brand with a fresh scent, how cool would that be?  So we want to plug you to avoid suffering from major FOMO.

We all know that summer times are all about looking good and smelling fresh hence, ZAlebs and Hot Box Africa have collaborated with Soviet on some cool giveaways.

So, a quick and caring reminder to you our valued readers, get ready to win some cool prizes, in order to stand a chance to walk away with one of the two fragrances, follow our social media platforms listed below, like the competition post and we will pick two winners.

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The winners will be announced next week, Good luck!