Don't Be A Chop This Christmas

And help stop the spread of Coronavirus with our top tips

By  | Dec 23, 2020, 12:53 PM

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As part of the ZAlebs #DontBeAMampara campaign in association with The Solidarity Fund, we're here to share our top tips on how to enjoy Christmas while maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask properly and avoiding large indoor gatherings 

For the past week, our ZAlebs fam has been sharing their plans and tips on how they intend to enjoy the festive season while helping to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. If you're wondering how to make Christmas 2020 a memorable one then read on.

How can I enjoy a family Christmas while avoiding large indoor gatherings?
We need to protect our families by staying away. The best way to have our family Christmas this year is the most unconventional way and go digital. Prepare the same foods with your family from the other side and have the family prayer using platforms like Zoom and video calls or pray together for Christmas on the loudspeaker. Let's protect our loved ones and not travel between provinces to see others 

How can I flirt while wearing a mask properly?
The only way you can flirt while wearing a mask is to keep a distance of at least 1,5m  and make sure your actions speak for you. Make eye contact and play with your words!

How can I travel home to see family and help stop the spread of Coronavirus?
When traveling home it's really important you wear a mask properly at all times and sanitize your hands and make sure those you're traveling with do the same.

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