EXCLUSIVE: Tino Chinyani On Simz's Baby News

Her Baby Daddy Is So Excited

By  | Aug 28, 2020, 10:30 AM

Television heartthrob and soon-to father Tino Chinyani, is on cloud nine after having found love in the arms of TV actress Simz Ngema. The lovebirds recently let the cat out of the bag that Simz has a bun baking in the oven. The starlet is expecting her first child with the model, and we cannot wait to them raising their bundle of joy.
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ZAlebs recently caught up with the model to share deets about his career highlights and scratching his name off the bachelor's list.
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The model says he decided to pursue a career in TV because he wanted to show the masses that he is multi-talented: "I wanted to show more of my personality, character and more of my energy and I felt like now TV is the best possible step to do that so for me it was perfect because I was just like no, you come from a point where you have succeeded in modelling, so take your step further and challenge yourself and I went to the  MTV VJ search competition and I did well. I made it to the national Top 4 and I did not make it and it broke my heart but you need to understand in life that when Gods takes away some things he is trying to replace them with something better."

He says within two weeks after having participated in the competition and being on a national platform where they were showcasing real talent, he got a call that they wanted me him to be on the Channel O My Top 5 and everything changed tremendously because he was associated with the heavyweights in the game.

The model recently lost a gig on Morning TV, when the show was revamped speaking about the change he says. "When you change your entire team from top to bottom it says more about the production and the people that are working for  you."

"It was heartbreaking because it was a thing where it was a matter of time because you start to see the producers changing but they lost it when the channel came in," he explains.
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He says choosing the right friends for him, is important and he prefers characters that aligns with his brand and ambitions in life.

Tino recently made a huge announcement that he is going to be a father, and his female admirers were left heartbroken that he is off the market. He says he could be single forever.
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"Ladies at some point I need to have a love life, and I can't be a bachelor in my forties or fifties. This is why you see old daddies running after young girls because they are not growing up and I want to enjoy my love-life, I want to fully immersed myself on what love is," he adds.

He says he loves his female fans but they have to let him explore love. Tino who is super private about his love life says he does not need people's validation to be happy amidst hate on social media following the announcement that they are expecting.

"I reveal what I want to as much as I am a pubic figure I never want to get caught up in the fact that I need peoples validations to be happy. For me it's a simple thing of I didn't want to be ambushed about my baby and then it ends up being on the tabloids. I want you guys to understand where I'm at in life and that I am  happy, as much as I'm sharing I put love to myself because, it is none of your business, I don't ask you about what goes on with your family and relationship and I know I am not define by what they say."

He says he chose to tell fans about his upcoming baby because he wanted to inform them that he is happy: "I love my child for me its a thing of I want to nurture and grow. You were not there when we were conceiving the baby and when we were planning the future, for me what they say is what they say, the toxic energy is what I need because you are boosting my numbers," he adds.

The model who is head over heels in love with Simz Ngema, says he would  love to tie the knot one day "Love is such a beautiful thing, to have a partner that you can love, grow with, make money, have babies and travel the world is such a beautiful thing and I want to be happy," he says

Tino says both families are happy about this because a baby is blessing.

He says his future plans are to focus on his music and dominating the world in Hollywood because he is versatile and he does not believe in spreading his wings in one region.
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We wish you all the best.

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