Tik Tok Gives Us Five Make Up Tips

Makeup tips that will have you saying “Yasss honey!”

By  | May 06, 2021, 10:55 AM

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More than being a platform for ama2000 to start dancing challenges only they can do, Tik Tok has become a hub of useful information and much-needed life hacks - including makeup tips we didn't even know we needed.

As with every social media platform that pops up, it only takes us a few visits before we figure out if it's for keeps or for the bin. Needless to say, TikTok has won the hearts of most human beings globally. Whether they actually participate or if they’re anything like me, only log on to watch other people’s amazing and entertaining creative videos there's something for us all.

Most importantly though, TikTok helps you find your people; the one or several communities you identify with and one of the most awesome of these groups is the #MakeUpCommunity which has tips that will have you saying “Where have you been my whole life!”

There are tonnes of tips for every stage of beating your face and below are five of the most mind-blowing tips we’ve come across so far.

Now obviously if you are a professional makeup artist, you already know all these golden tricks but for the rest of us, we promise one or all of these makeup tips will blow your mind too.

Click here for the tips