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By    | Apr 15, 2020, 03:20 PM

The Hot Box is where we keep you informed about - well, the hottest of everything.

The hottest news, the hottest events, the hottest competitions - everything you need to know because we have your back!

We'll let you know about Castle Lite Unlocked bringing the party to your couch, or bed, or kitchen - basically, we're telling you the party is at your house!

There's the amazing ZAlebs writing competition, which was announced right here - in the Hot Box! 

Then, what about the amazing Seafolly #lockdown sale

By the way what are you waiting for, head over there and get that bikini order on!  We're all about the glass half full, and who doesn't want to look good for that day on the beach, which is going to come.

So, don't miss out! Keep a watch on all our socials.

Look, we don't have favourites  but, when it comes to the socials, our Instagram does hold a special place ...  it's where thing really happen. 

Keep an eye out because we don't want you to miss out - and we guarantee that you don't want to miss out.

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