Here's Why Mzansi Feels Nomcebo Was Disrespected By Bulgarian Singer

No Mihaela Marinova, blackface is not cool!

By  | Mar 19, 2021, 02:51 PM

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A white Bulgarian woman by the name of Mihaela Marinova has been labelled a racist after her offensive usage of black face. On the Bulgarian show Kato 2 Kapki Voda, the muso performed the hit single Jerusalema but pushed it too far when she wanted to imitate Nomcebo Zikode as well. 

The competition took place this week, and Mzansi has been fuming over the usage of blackface. What many are still battling to understand is why perform in blackface in the year 2021, whereas blackface has been an act used to make a mockery out of black people many years ago.

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Main image credit: Instagram/@Kato2KapkiVoda