Reminder: ZAlebs Lockdown Writing Competition

Do you have some time on your hands?

By    | Apr 21, 2020, 09:30 AM

We're here to remind you all that the ZAlebs #lockdown writing competition is still on!

Get writing, it's loads of fun - we promise! The competition is open to every single one of you and it's going on until the end of the month.

We're not sure why, but we think that some of you may have some time on your hands - and we're here for you!

If you tend to always  have the inside scoop and you are enjoy keeping an eye out on the latest ZAleb news then this is the opportunity for you!

For example, did you catch Black Coffee's set for the #TogetherAtHome concert and have some thoughts you would have liked to share? If so, get writing!

We're looking for fun content about celebrities, fashion, beauty and music! 

And, just a reminder of the important details: 

1.  Write at least a 500 word article for ZAlebs - subject matter can be: 

- Hot news

- Something funny about a South African ZAleb (don't be mean) 

- Something interesting about celebrities and what they are doing during           #lockdown

- Something funny about a South African ZAleb (don't be mean)

- Something interesting about celebrities and what they are doing over lockdown

- Fashion tips - especially Lock Down Fashion Tips

- Beauty advice

Or, something fun about music, what are you listening to, who are you excited to see perform once lockdown is over, who is SA's next great rapper, hip hop artist?

2.   Send the article along with any images (have to be royalty-free) links etc 
      in  word document to [email protected] 

3.    Our editors will look and review every one - and if we publish your article,          you will get paid - the amount is dependent on how long, how original and how strong the article.

4. Every article that is published before the end of April or the end of lockdown, whichever is later, is eligible to win the contest which will be judged by our editorial team.


Not all articles will be published.

Our editorial staff will be sole judge of whether an article is going to be published.

Multiple writers might write about the same story - we will pick the best.

You can ask more questions at [email protected]