So, Who's Your Best Friend?

Every adult female needs a girl squad.

By  | Feb 11, 2021, 12:20 PM

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Someone should have warned us that adulting is a scam. Well, now that we're here we have to figure it out and take one step at a time. What we also need in our lives is a group of friends who will help keep us in check.

Here are the types of friends who will make adulting so much easier for you.

The ‘Fuck it!” Friend

You like to think you have your shit together. You are well put together, never lose your cool in public and if Marvin, your boyfriend of four years, decides that he wants to begin seeing the new girl at his office, you take it all in your stride, feel what you need to feel in private before you can show your face to the world.

Girl, you’re too serious. You need that woman who lives like she doesn’t have a care in the world on your squad. The one who will let you unravel after a breakup, who will drag you for an impromptu fun weekend out of town just because. She helps you let your hair down every so often. You need her.

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