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By  | Oct 26, 2020, 03:38 PM

A lot has happened over the past weekend including Botswana's most celebrated musicians collecting their well deserved accolades from the YAMA's Special edition show, to South Africa crowning their newest Miss Universe and Vee Mampeezy gushing over her.

First off The YAMA's Special Edition took place this weekend and it was the final edition. The 12 remaining winners collected their prizes and some of the best acts lit the stage.

Newly crowned Miss South Africa Shudufhadzo Musida has received many praises from people including Vee Mampeezy who gushed over her.

Vee was left inspired by her saying she stands here on a mountain of prayers. Responding to her tweet he wrote "Mountain of prayer, wow !!! accompanied by a flame emoji and praising hands emojis.

Samantha Mogwe has aired out her frustrations when it comes to people who do not make use of her intercom at her home.

In a tweet, the musician said hooting traumatized her from childhood because she had an aunt who used to hood a lot and it's the pits. A tweep asked her how many times should one ring the intercom to gain access into her place.