Top Stories Making Waves In Zimbabwe

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By  | Nov 25, 2020, 06:11 PM

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These are the top stories making waves in Zimbabwe so far this week.

Judge To Settle Moana's Burial Dispute On Wednesday

According to Newsdze Zimbabwe the matter concerning Moana's burial has escalated to the High Court where judge Justice Pisirai Kwenda will be issuing out a ruling as to how her funeral will be carried out. Today, he asked for more time to pass out a ruling because it is a very unique case.

Ginimbi's Ex Bae Zodwa Offers Help with Estate

Zodwa Mkandla revealed that she will be willing to help Gginimbi's family run the hotel (his mansion) and the transport business.

"I will only work with the family to help them run the hotel and the transport business since I am already in the hospitality industry through Traverse Travel Agent. I have the clientele which can occupy the hotel and generate money for the business."

Woah, Ginimbi Had No Will!

Rumours of Genius not having a will were revealed by one of his lawyers who said, “We are not aware of any will that was prepared by the late Mr Kadungure. That document does not exist at the moment,” Mr Pabwe told The Sunday Mail yesterday.

Another Prophet Predicts Madam Boss' Death

Madzibaba Skyneg revealed a chilling prophecy involving Tyra Chikocho who is popularly known as Madam Boss and her family. Madzibaba said the celebrity needs very specific prayers before the 28th of December.

Karim Lumumba Finally Laid To Rest

Karim Lumumba was one of Malawi's most-wanted fugitives, he fled Malawi after he was expected to appear in court for corruption, but returned in a casket. He was buried on Sunday the 22nd of November 2020.

Moana's Father Launches into Jah Prayzah

Mitchelle "Moana" Amuli's father has slammed Jah Prayzah for his conduct at Moana's memorial. In a video posted by H-Metro Ishmael Amuli revealed that Jah Prayzah came to give condolences at Moana's memorial but he never reached out to him. 

Pokello Talks about Sex & HIV

 Queen of Swagger Pokello Nare posted a video herself getting tested while she gave advice on how to go about your HIV test and how important it is to get tested.  #PokelloHIVTesting Campaign encourages young women to get tested, know their status and share their testimonies.

Mudiwa Continues To Give Back And Issues A Challenge

Gospel hip-hop artist Mudiwa was driving around town when several homeless children approached his car asking him for help. Mudiwa took the initiative on this occasion to do more than giving them a few dollars. Mudiwa parked his car and took the four homeless kids shopping for new clothes and then sat with them for lunch at Chicken Inn.

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