Win A Case Of Savanna Angry Lemon!

By  | Nov 20, 2020, 06:21 PM

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Is 2020 dribbling you like a soccer ball? Don’t worry, Savanna’s doing the most by hacking Twitter to throw your timeline back to 2015.

Remember what life was like before global pandemics, surgical mask couture, nationwide lockdowns and alcohol bans? No doubt, 2020 has been rough for all of us, sometimes it feels like we’re characters in a badly made zombie movie, right? And we all deserve a drink just for surviving this crazy year. So, just in time for summer, Savanna is letting us travel back in time to pre-Rona times. We’re throwing it back to 2015, the year when Savanna first introduced us to the crisp, refreshing taste of Savanna Angry Lemon. Remember those chilled out pandemic-free days? 
The Great Timeline Throwback from Savanna is the ideal way to celebrate summer and the return of fan favorite Savanna Angry Lemon. It’s a summer vibe in a bottle - the perfect way to end of 2020 on a better note than how it started. With a simple click on this link  you will be taken back to a timeline from 2015 when South Africans’ biggest crisis was The Dress. Was it black or blue? Or white and Gold? Who cares? Those were simpler times, where we used to queue to get into concerts, not supermarkets and where all things fun didn’t end up getting cancelled. 
WIN 1 of 10 CASES of Savanna Angry Lemon, courtesy of ZAlebs & Savanna, right on time for Dezemba.
To win simply click on the throwback link and retweet your favourite tweet from the 2015 Timeline using the hashtag #AngryLemonThrowback&Zalebs as many times as you like to turn South Africa’s Twitter timeline back to 2015. 
There will be new topics and timelines for you to discover every week during The Great Timeline Throwback. Every time you RT from the 2015 timeline with the hashtag you also stand a chance to win a 6-pack Savanna Angry Lemon – good fun and instant rewards.
If you have given up on social media and crawled into a cave somewhere to wait for someone to press the reset button and delete all of this year’s drama, go and find your Twitter login details and get signed in to join in the fun ASAP because the Throwback will only be live between 17 November 2020 and 07 December 2020. 
Enjoy throwing back to a…simpler time.
Savanna Angry Lemon is available at all liquor outlets now.
Savanna promotes responsible drinking. Not for persons under 18.