#TheQueenMzansi: Viewers excited about the return of Brutus

The nations favourite uncle is back

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 


It's been a tough couple of episodes since the wedding explosion that happened last week. Whilst the likes of Roy & Gift sadly died from the explosion, one supposed death that hit people hard was the death of Brutus.

Viewers absolutely could not except that Babom'ncane was no more and when his casket returned to the Khoza household viewers began threatening the show by expressing that they would deactivate their DSTV accounts if Bhovongane was not written back into the storyline.

However, on Friday night, the viewer's prayers were answered when Brutus returned.

These are just some of our favourite reactions from his return.

How dramatic was his entrance whilst sitting on a wheelchair?

Whilst others have reversed their DSTV payments in celebration of Brutus' return. 

The Queen is known for killing off characters, so when Brutus went missing for these couple of days it came as a real shock to many.

Welcome back malume Brutus, you were missed.

Main Image Credit: Twitter