#TBT: 5 TKZee classics you didn't know were sampled

Sampling is an art form if done right, these 5 classic TKZee songs show that it was done properly.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | TKZee 

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People have always been of the belief that when it comes to sampling hip-hop cats take the cake. Well, actually some of your favourite TKZee hits have gotten the sample treatment. Which ones? Well, check them out below.

1. Fella Kae

Samples: Madonna - Papa don't preach 

But let's be real here, who was expecting to here a full string arrangement on a kwaito album? In that time even. Regardless, at the time it all made sense. Then Geuzin came in with that gruff voice it all came together. 

2. Ibhola Lethu 

Samples: Johny Clegg - Ibhola Lethu

This one came as a surprise mainly because, well, it was closer to home. Zwai's ear has always been one to catch something which he could easily flip into TKZee's next biggest hit. 

3. Shibobo

Samples: Europe - The Final Countdown

This one was pretty obvious though no one in the hood could put their finger on why the instrumental was so..catchy. Well, there it is. 

4. Palafala

Samples: Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi

The attention to detail gets more doper here. Zwai didn't even use the song lyrics, he just hummed the melody of the song. This song got them so much love. 

5. Sikelela

Sample: South African National Anthem

Taking the first few lines of our country's national anthem and putting a new twist on them is genius. Everywhere this jam played people would recite that line with enthusiasm. It also came full circle with it being used on AKA's 'Run Jozi'. 

Also, the chord strings that start at 0:33 on the TKZee song is sampled from a 1970's American sitcom titled Sanford & Son.

Here's the original.

Which other songs did you find out were sampled by TKZee? Share them with us.

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