Highlights from AKA’s #RealTalkWithAnele interview

Autotune, Beam Digital, Kairo, Zinhle and B*, they covered it all 

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Highlights from AKA’s #RealTalkWithAnele interview

Fans of both AKA and Anele Mdoda have been waiting for this moment since the latter’s show first aired. The fact that it had to happen shortly after the former’s break up with Anele’s rumored rival, Bonang Matheba, is probably very coincidental. 

It was also amusing to note that Matheba is the voice of Steyn City. Hers is the voice that you hear on the promo that plays before every show. 

For those who aren't so sure where the rumored (emphasis on rumored) rivalry comes from, it is alleged that Anele has not been fond of Matheba ever since she reportedly got physical with former 5fm DJ, Poppy Ntshongwana. 

This allegedly happened back in 2013 during a star-studded trip to Mauritius during Matheba’s relationship with Euphonik. Poppy and Euphonik had a very close friendship that Matheba was allegedly not fond of and it got to a point where her frustrations with their closeness took a violent turn

But, back to the topic at hand, Mdoda’s rapport with AKA was quite entertaining to watch, as it is with most of her guests. The interview also gave viewers a reminder of just how charismatic and well-spoken he is as that often gets forgotten due to the public’s view of him based on his conduct on Twitter. 

A lot was discussed including his favorite song that he has created, his stage persona, his notorious conduct on social media, his past relationships with both DJ Zinhle and Matheba as well as his experience of fatherhood. 

Check out some of the highlights: 

Surprisingly, he admitted to not having friends in the traditional sense. “I don't think I’m the type to have friends just for the sake of having friends, I don’t see the point.” He went on to add that all the people that exist in his circle are there to “make him rich.” I.e.: most of his relationships are based on business affiliations.  

*Side note: that had us wondering about his outlook on relationships …

Speaking of relationships; AKA admitted to still loving Bonang, reiterating that the feeling was mutual but refused to say too much more. Mdoda then asked AKA if he’d be open to dating a regular girl and he agreed that that’s something he may need to do. 

She then asked what kind of woman he’d be looking for and the rapper described his ideal woman as honest, supportive, considerate, ambitious, smart, has her own money and is willing to laugh at all his jokes and will take care of him. He did add however, that he was taking the healing process one day at a time and will not stop living his life but that he would not rush into anything either. 

Anele then skirted over the issue of how their relationship ended and said she was more interested in how it began…

AKA admitted that what he put Zinhle through was wrong, before sharing that he had apologized for that and hopes that Bonang will apologize (to Zinhle) for it as well someday. 

“Zinhle was and is a strong woman, a beautiful woman, a great mother, but at that time, I was too stupid and too young to even recognize that so at that time, it was never about taking any joy in that,” said the rapper. 

They ended the conversation with a discussion on his much-talked-about transition into entrepreneurship. Although he began his company ‘The Beam Group’ as a means to take control of his music in the capacity of a record company, he stated that he has no interest in continuing to take the company in that direction. 

“I do not want to be responsible for artists because music is a very intangible thing,” he began. He explained that he is different in capitalizing on a different part of the business which is why he began Beam Digital. 

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