AKA COVID-19 Recovery Diaries Debut On Screens

Now, everyone will see how he recovered

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On Friday award-winning rapper AKA shared that he had tested positive for COVID-19 and was candid about being transparent as possible about his recovery journey.

The rapper's announcement was met with a few critics who had plenty to say and were in fact in disbelief that AKA actually had coronavirus but now through his COVID-19 diaries everyone will see his recovery process.

On Wednesday, AKA’s COVID-19 diaries aired on MTV Base Newish and on BET at 21:30.

Taking to social media, the rapper shared that he has beaten "coronavirus ass like" it owed him money, he also thanked his girlfriend Neli Tembe for all the hard work.

"I just beat Coronavirus’ ass like it owed me money. Wait... 🤔... It does owe me money!!! Praise God, and thank you @nelli_tembe for all the hard work," he shared.
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