Amanda Black: I know who I am

The BET Awards International Nominee Gold Coin recipient is a true inspiration.

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There’s more to the 24-year-old Xhosa musician Amanda Black then just her great looks and vocals, the musician who has won many awards and has recently received her BET Awards International Nominee Gold Coin Recognition says that her booming career is all sprung by the fact that she knows herself.

Fame seemed to have come straight for Amanda and ever since she graduated in 2015 during a recent interview with ZAlebs she shared that she made sure she learned who she was before she was even famous while she was still studying music.

“I learnt life skills, I learnt who I am, I made decisions about who I want to be in the industry, who I want to be in music, who I am as an artist.” She said

“I started embracing who I am and that only happened when I understood who I of my biggest strengths in the industry is that I know who I young as I am I think it will go very far.” She added.

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Amanda Black has always been one to embrace her culture and that not only shows through her music but her style as well and with her trademark Xhosa facial dots, Amanda is set to be one of those artists who will always be respected for representing her culture. She adds she likes the fact that it inspires the youth to also embrace their culture.

“When I started doing the dots. That was before I became Amanda Black the musician…recently I saw young Xhosa girls posting pictures of their [dots]...indirectly, by me embracing myself...other people are inspired." said Amanda

Having watched the BET awards as a kid, Amanda says she was thrilled to be nominated, and even though she didn’t win, Amanda says that she is grateful for the impact that the nomination has on her career.

“The nomination itself...I remember cause obviously, you wanna win but I understood many people who didn’t know who I was, know who I am now? This is a huge stepping stone for me, this is a huge milestone” she said

Amanda Black

Amanda features on LaSauce hit single I Do she briefly explained that the hook was inspired by her current relationship which was five months old at the time.

“Most of the time I write about the present, sometimes I write about what I felt...I was writing about a love story, it came from a freestyle, I was so in love, it was the beginning of the relationship and I was just over the moon.”

“I was speaking about a wedding and I it scared me cause I was like’ I really really love this person...five months in I was like, he’s my best friend, he’s my guy.” she added.

Knowing yourself surely pays off. Congratulations Amanda!

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