Amanda Du-Pont Scores Major Netflix Role

This is her "best film yet"

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Amanda du-Pont will be starring in what she dubs her "best film yet" and is set to be released on Netflix this week. Little Big Mouth is a Netflix original movie and our girl stars as the lead actress.

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Taking to social media to describe the plot of the movie, Amanda reveals that she stars as Mel who is a single mother and a book keeper. Describing it as a feel good romantic comedy, Amanda says it is her best thus far, "My best film yet! @netflixsa @netflix Mel is a single mom who lives with her son and dad. Their lives are completely changed when a rock guitarist enters their world. A feel good romantic comedy."

Who might this rock guitarist you might wonder? It is the talented Nay Maps and he will be delivering his great talent as always.

Our local stars are getting Netflix deals left right and centre. Firstly, Ntando Duma has bagged a Netflix deal but still keeps it hush hush. Ntando left The Queen where she played Mpho Sebata to join the Netflix family. She will be playing a lead character this time around and we cannot wait to see her in action.

Next we have Jackie Phamotse who had her hit book 'Bare: The Blesser’s Games' turned into a Netflix film. In awe, Jackie shared on social media, “Reading my movie manuscript is wild!!!! Seeing my name and Sabelo together is insane! This guy worked on all the SA hits on Netflix! How do I have him on my team! God, you heard my cries! I’m in disbelief man! Oh, still can’t say anything about auditions, etc. I’m already in trouble.”

SA's very best actors Tumisho Masha, Rea Rangaka, and Anthony Oseyemi, will star in a South African paranormal series on Nextflix, Dead Places. Speaking to IOL Tumisho said, “I've always wanted to act in a movie set in the American South. “I love doing different accents and I've played a Jamaican and East African and a Midwestern American so, when an opportunity to play a black sheriff from an obscure part of North Carolina came about I jumped at it.

“We don't get the opportunity to do a lot of horror movies in South Africa as actors and this is a genre I have always enjoyed as a viewer and I was very keen to explore as an actor,” he said

Then we have comedian Loyiso Gola whose comedy special ,Unlearning, debuted globally on 23 March 2021. "Happy and humbled to announce that my Netflix special Unlearning is coming out 23 March. It will be Netflix's first Africa’s Stand Up Original. @netflixsa @netflixisajoke OH WHAT A FEELING!" he announced.

Kuli Roberts just had a Netflix film debut called Angelina. Kuli played a prostitute called Tina. She told SunBuzz that she had been approached to do this film five years ago but she did not budge as she did not expect it to be real, as she was informed on Facebook.

“But it was on Facebook, so I thought it was all a joke. And the rest is history. Being part of the film was amazing, everyone was gentle and I enjoyed myself,” she told the publication.

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