Amanda Fears For Her Family's Lives

She is pleading for help

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Actress Amanda Du-Pont has poured her heart out on social media condemning the brutality that continues to take place in Swaziland.

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Videos showing the country’s soldiers beating up the citizens have surfaced on social media.

It has been reported that about 8 people have died and many others left injured. Amanda said she has not been saying anything because she wanted to protect her family that stays in eSwatini. She pleaded for help to spread the word.

“My people are in trouble and their lives at risk as we speak! Please I need your help to spread the word. I have been silent in fear of my family’s lives who are in eSwatini, that they might be targeted,” she wrote on Instagram.

Amanda continued to speak about the human rights violation that is taking place in the country. She said there are also threats to shut down the electricity.

“This is a revolution and we as the youth and promise of tomorrow stand up against an absolute monarchy! The king is having unarmed civilians shot who are caught in the streets, ridiculous curfew has been implemented at 6 pm, and human rights violated by shutting down the internet so the rest of the world doesn’t hear of the news. 

“There are threats of shutting electricity. What is happening is a crime against humanity. The people are fighting for a multi-party democracy and basic human rights taken away by the monarchy. Majority of our country is poverty-stricken and has had enough of the repressive government.”

According to recent reports by Mail & Guardian, the current situation in eSwatini is chaotic. It is reported that soldiers are going around in rural areas and beating citizens, it is also reported that government properties and companies linked to the king are being set on fire. 

“The protests are somehow chaotic. We are seeing the burning of government properties, and properties of companies associated with the king. The king holds shares in big companies in Eswatini, so protesters seem to be targeting those properties. We are seeing soldiers unleashed on unarmed civilians: they are going around the rural areas beating citizens in their homes,” the publication quoted the editor in chief of Swazi News Martin Zweli Dlamini.

Social media has also been buzzing, people are calling for the word’s intervention. @Suku_sooks tweeted: “What we have seen & experienced in Eswatini is deserving of the world's attention & intervention. The internet has been shut down while armed soldiers & police harass, shoot & kill unarmed people. Love & Strength to the people of Swaziland #eSwatiniProtest #KungahlwaKwenile”

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