Anatii Loses 4th Family Member

...In a space of a month

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For many, the reoccurrence of the wave of death continues to be quite a traumatic experience hence there is simply no getting used to it.

One death alone is enough to send the bereaved remainders of the family and friends to a mental institution, hence many are wrangling with the bizarre reality of carrying on living without a lost loved one.

Therefore if this is the case, then one can hardly fathom when a family loses four of its members in a period of a month.

Such is the case with South African rapper and music producer, Anatii. The Thixo Nofefe hitmaker recently shared on his social media pages that his family has once again lost a family member. He continued to add that this has happened in a space of a month.

Anatii posted the following on Facebook:

"Life is truly fragile. We have just lost a fourth family member in a space of a month. Yhuu Thixo khawume ngoku(God please it's enough now)."

Anatii knows very well the pain of losing a loved one, as his father also passed away a few years ago. He cites him as an inspirational figure as he too was quite popular in the music scene back in the day as a DJ.

Sincere condolences to the Mnyango family. Truly death has no shame.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Anatii