Andile Mpisane Trolled Ahead Of AKA's Funeral

His riches continues to be a double edge sword

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Following Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes memorial service yesterday, Andile Mpisane finds himself being indirectly trolled for yesterday's eventuality. Evidently, Mpisane's riches are somewhat a double edge sword on the Twitter streets.

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Tweeps are never short of anything to make fun of Andile Mpisane and it is always around his wealth. Over time tweeps have witnessed Mpisane being a soccer player and a chairperson for his family football club, Royal AM. Mpisane owns a fleet of luxurious and without a doubt he is the apple of his mother's eyes.

Word on the street is Andile Mpisane can ask for anything from his other Shauwn Mkhize and he will receive it. Hence, he is now being trolled following AKA's memorial services. Tweeps are insinuating that after Mpisane saw the the fleet of expensive cars and a helicopter at AKA's memorial service. He himself is already yearning for his own memorial service, even though he is still alive.

""Ma, Nami Ngicela Ungenzele i' Memorial Service Ksasa" wrote Taka Tina
More tweeps did not spare Andile Mpisane mercy as they jumped on the bandwagon to confirm the likeability of him demanding a memorial service just because he is rich.

"Hahahaha... But on the real though, having parents that can afford to buy me everything i can ever want is a REAL blessing." wrote The Real Pholosho
"LMAO. this mad Hilarious" wrote Thato Ray
"And it will happen if he ask.." wrote Pro Jack
As it stands Andile Mpisane is always under for fire on social media for not doing anything wrong. All he does is flaunts his expensive cars, play soccer and spend time with his family. However, every second time Mpisane will be trolled for something or the other.

"Y'all hate on this young man for nothing.. being broke and being from poor families created this jealousy in you" wrote  Poifetso
"Why does this guy receive so much hate?" wrote Thulasizwe
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