Anele Mdoda Defends Zanele Sifuba After Leaked S*x Tape

She took to social media to call people out for frowning upon the elderly person's video

By  | Nov 10, 2022, 12:15 PM  | Anele Mdoda  | Top of The

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Media personality, radio and TV personality Anele Mdoda has condemned people who have frowned up the recent leaked s*x tape. Mdoda took to social media to call out people who have named and shamed Zanele Sifuba following her leaked sex tape making rounds on Twitter.

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Mdoda is not about the people who are acting fresh following the leaked sex tape of Zanele Sifuba of the African National Congress. Reportedly, Sifuba was being extorted by her alleged Nigerian boyfriend, whom when Sifuba refused to give him an amount of R300 000. The alleged Nigerian boyfriend then leaked a sex video of him and Sifuba.

Taking to Twitter, Mdoda has called out people who have acted holier than thou once after seeing the recent famous sex tapes. Mdoda defends not only Sifuba but even other elderly people as people who are still involving themselves in sexual activities. 
"Stop acting weird about older people having sex. They have sex and a lot of it. Let people be. Ni tricky when it comes to things that have nothing to do with you" wrote Anele Mdoda
Tweeps have since breathed fire down Anele Mdoda's neck for always defending topics that rub may people the wrong way. Tweeps are reminded that this is not the first time Mdoda defending a leaked sex tape.

Following Sthembiso 'SK' Khoza's leaked sex tape that was also making rounds on social media, Mdoda was the first to defend it. Tweeps have told Mdoda to tread carefully with what she defends, especially on social media.

"Sex tape is a big thing everywhere in the world, in case you haven’t traveled. Trust you to act smarter and mature on every single topic. We won’t act normal when there’s grey hair all over our timelines, never that’s not normal" Patron
"The fact that you tweet about something that has nothing to do with you. It means you are just like us you can't let people be and nawe you are tricky when it comes to things like minding your own business" wrote Conquer
Mdoda is the last person to ever admit when she made a mistake, even after tweeps are calling her out for supporting a sex tape. She, however have not retracted her statement.

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