Anele Mdoda: A staunch protector and supporter of women's rights

Anele is all for women supporting other women, especially when it comes to their dreams & aspirations.

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Anele Mdoda

Anele who is known to be quite vocal about subjects that are dear to her heart spoke to ELLE South Africa, about her passion in protecting women's rights.

In the interview, the media personality was quite open about her life, not only as a public figure but also as mother and a feminist as well, two titles which she cherishes dearly.

It was the first time we actually found out that Anele is a proud feminist.

The radio personality shared how she considers feminists to come in every shape and form and that being a feminist means being a supporter and protector of your female counterparts regardless of their lifestyles or the job titles they hold.

"Even if a woman has chosen to be a stay-at-home mother and bakes cakes, she's  a feminist, I am a feminist because I need to protect her right to choose, and not feel like she has to explain it. If I'm a feminist I need to protect her from people who say you have no ambition, you are a walkover. 

If that's what she wants to do she has exercised her feminist side to do so. women who protect other women to do what they like are feminists."

Amen Anele!

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