Why Anele Mdoda gets along with her exes

It's all about maturity she explains and leaving things on a positive note.

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You've probably heard about people going through bitter breakups. You know, those situations where people become nasty with each other after they go their separate ways? Well, some of us have been there. 

But Anele Mdoda is not about those post-breakup bad vibes. The TV and radio personality told Pearl Modiadie and Amon Mokwena on Metro FM: "This is why I get along with all my exes; is that I don't have bad breakups. To me it's just... I think if we got to a level where we were so cool and so intimate and so okay with each other, that why would I just flip over and go to the other side?

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The Real Talk with Anele host continued: "If you can see that things are not well and you're not happy and I'm not happy, it's a case of then when we start with the tricks and the mind games and then we become malicious, that's where I have resolved to just never go." 

Oh, how we wish we could all handle break-ups like Anele!

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