Asanda Foji left South Africa for the Netherlands

She's always been that hustler with a back-up plan.

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After leaving Generations, Asanda Foji didn't find herself destitute with no job or a plan, she bounced right back into her hustle and found new opportunities.

In 2017, the actress announced that she would be launching her own gym wear considering that some of the gym clothes she used to purchase didn't make her as comfortable as she is now in her own.

Asanda named her gym line - Foji Sportswear and has received rave reviews from her supporters, especially her from her female fans.

Asanda Foji is not only an entrepreneur but a student as well now. 

The actress is currently a film student in the Netherlands and although she is enjoying the new path she's embarked on, sometimes it gets lonely.

"It gets really saddening being alone in a foreign country," she wrote in a recent post.

Asanda left South Africa in February and even though she's left for a good reason, the distance away from her loved ones has made her miss them dearly.

Congratulations on your new journey Asanda.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@AsandaFoji

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