Ayanda Ncwane Steps In To Assist #KZNFloods Victim

Other celebrities are also trying to raise R1 million

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The floods which wreaked havoc in various parts of KwaZulu-Natal touched so many of our ZAlebs and some are actively doing something to assist people. Music mogul in the making, Ayanda Ncwane got her feet dirty when assisting people from her hometown and received heaps of praise.

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These past few days were not easy for people in KwaZulu-Natal, when heavy rain washed away their homes, valuable assets, cars and many people's lives. The death toll is currently nearing 400 people and many people are without shelter or food.

The government has since declared this a disaster and will hopefully rebuild infrastructure as well as assist the public in rebuilding their homes. But our ZAlebs are not going to wait for government to do something, and some re taking matters into their own hands.

Ayanda Ncwane went home to Ndwedwe and paid some of the families a visit in order to assist them with whatever little she can.

"Yesterday I visited most of the families who are now homeless and stranded. Homes are washed away and bereaved families are mourning at the neighbor’s or relative’s places," she said.

Ayanda then paints a gruesome image of what it's like for them as bereaved families, "It’s one thing watching the news it’s another when you hear them tell you how they had to dig their loved ones for days…ohh and some are still buried under heavy stones or washed away in the rivers."

Ayanda and her team have donated some money for the families in order to assist them with funeral arrangements and other emergencies. But says what they have done might not be enough because there are still many other families round the province who need assistance.

"We have done our little bit to donate towards funerals and other emergencies but it’s not enough as there’s way too many people in need. I’m pleading with business owners who are rural born to check our people. Already it’s difficult to burry one person, most of these people have from 2 to 10 bodies per family to burry soon.

"Anything you can bring forward please do! Mostly they need WATER ASAP! They are currently drinking dirty water. My team and I are trying our best to deliver water but it’s not enough, more liters are needed urgently!"

She then thanked the police and municipality for helping them with locating the families and homes.

Zakes Bantwini also had to call on other celebrities such as DJ Tira, Nomcebo Zikode, radio DJ Tbo Touch, and Drip founder Lekau Sehoana, to raise at least R1 million. 

“We are calling upon anyone in a position to help to lend aid, use your voice and your platform to assist in rebuilding KZN, and helping those affected by the floods,” he said. Nomcebo also reveled that they have raised close to R300 000 within a few minutes. 

Somizi Mhlongo as well asked people to step in and do something about this tragedy, "I woke up with a heavy heart because I know someone out there is not having a good morning. I couldn't shake off what's happening in KZN. I have been seeing the videos on social media. My question is are we doing something about it as urgent as it is? I want to do my part and I believe everyone who is watching now is capable  of doing something. The entire country can do something whether it's clothing and we can all donate something towards the relief fund," said Somizi.

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