Azania Mosaka: I Miss Hugs And Kisses

Social distancing is starting to get the better of Azania Mosaka

By  | Sep 24, 2020, 01:27 AM  | Azania Mosaka  | Top of The

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After three months of being under a strict lockdown and practising social distancing, it eventually starts to get to each of us and that is the same for Azania Mosaka.

The television and radio personality recently took to her Instagram to reflect on how much she’s missing hugs and kisses since the whole Covid19 pandemic.
While socially distancing at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg, Mosa wrote. “I miss hugs. I miss standing close enough to smell your cologne or perfume. Or even the irritation of smelling of YOUR scent on me after a hug.”

Don’t we all miss a good hug? The then added. “I miss catching up with people who offer you a high-five when you are skinnering.....hooooooo chommie....pha! As the laughter erupts....big wide-mouth laugh.” She expressed.

“I miss that lingering holding of hands after we’ve hugged....joyous about seeing each other.”

Azania also revealed she misses those innocent hello kisses. “I miss the hello kiss (mmmbbaa) with the women in my life.” She adds. “I miss the irritation of someone’s spit droplet landing on your face and being too polite to wipe it away while they are looking at you.”

Despite all this Mosaka encourages people to practice social distancing while also staying social, “Socialise. Maintain physically distant.”

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The legendary sis Thandiswa Mzawai then jumped in the comment section, revealing how she missed the hugs and kisses shared amongst the black community. “That hello kiss😩 it’s one of my favourite things about being a black woman. That amazing intimacy we can have with cousins, aunts, friends and even strangers.”

Since lockdown began, what is that one thing you miss the most when life was still normal?

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