Male Singers In Namibia Are Dope

Their music is enjoyed by thousands in the country and across Africa.

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So we know that you love music. Music that you enjoy and will have you dancing till the AMs. But, being a musician is not always easy.  The music industry is not easy to break into and to stay at the top is a great challenge. 

Musicians have to spend a lot of time in the studio coming up with songs that will entertain their fans. They also need to ensure they stay true to their sound, regardless of their competitors.

These male musicians seem to have figured out the recipe to success. They keep producing hit after hit and have got awards to show it.

They are the biggest selling artists in Namibia. They know how to get just about anyone on their feet. Let's take a look at the biggest male artists in Namibia. 


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As soon as one mentions Namibian male singers, Gazza's name comes to mind. He is one of the biggest Namibian singers. That's why his other nickname is king.

The 'Chelete' hitmaker is the first Namibian artist to reach 1 million views on YouTube.

Gazza has twelve albums.  He is a diverse artist and his music is a mixture of Kwaito, dancehall, reggae, and hip hop.

He is so brilliant in his art that JCI Namibia even honoured him with the most outstanding young Namibian Award.

Gazza has his own record label, Gaza Music Productions (GMP). He started it in 2004. 

King Tee Dee

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King Tee Dee is one of the top-selling artists in Namibia. He has been in the music industry for over a decade - since 2003.

King is a musical genius and has won more than 20 awards including international ones.

He has 11 albums and is the highest-selling artist in Namibia.

His albums are:

Shimaliw' Osatana which he released in 2004 under RC Ghetto. The same year he released another album called Take Out Yo Gun under Mshasho.

In 2006 he released Introducing TeeDee. His other albums include You Can't Ignore, This Is My Time, The Power of 7 - Elevating Elevators, The Deception, Live or Die, Respect My Hustle and Concrete Jungle. 

All these musicians have proved that hard work, passion and remaining true to your sound will get you far in life.

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