Black Coffee Chats To Burna Boy

The two African giants discuss

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The second richest artist on the African continent, Black Coffee, had a chat with the African Giant, Burna Boy on the Edbro Show. Ebro Darden is defining character of New York’s music scene and a trusted voice of hip-hop, he brings the city's urgent mix of music and culture to the world. He describes himself;

"When I hear something with real heart and energy, I want everyone to hear it."

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Black Coffe shared a short clip from the podcast he and Burna Boy did with the caption;

"Had a chat with @burnaboy & @oldmanebro on #MiseducationRadio please tune at 21h (SA) & 3pm (EST) on @AppleMusic"

In their podcast, Black Coffee and Burna Boy talk about how for the longest time, African artists have been all bottled into a box where their music falls under the category of "world music". Black Coffee details how he has always dreamed of breaking out of that box whenever he plays around the world, by ensuring that he plays on the main stage instead of a tiny one. The King of House believes that African music deserves an equal opportunity to shine instead of being grouped under the "world music" stage like it is currently the norm.

There is no doubt that Black Coffee and Burna Boy are some of the hottest artists to come out of Africa, their schedules are always busy with bookings across the world. From the United States to Europe, their music is loved by millions across the world.

On a recent trip to Europe, he first started in Greece, then the DJ went on to play in Switzerland where his fans made a request for him to play Jerusalema. On a usual year, without the global pandemic, Black Coffee plays centre-stage at every festival or event and he has multiple residences in America and Europe where his celebratory status is recognised.

Burna Boy is also quite familiar with being the main attraction when oversees, his Nigerian-inspired music resonates with a lot of his fans. Most of the time he is travelling and performing outside of Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

These two African giants have earned their place as main attractions at home and abroad, which is exactly how they want other African artists to start thinking and seeing themselves.

Do you think African artists should demand more respect when performing overseas, instead of being happy to be featured under "world music" category?

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